The Difference between ‘Ready Made’, ‘Made to Measure’ and ‘Bespoke’ suiting for men.

The terms made-to-measure and bespoke suits are usually misunderstood and muddled with each other. Made-to-measure relates to the process where pre-made designs and adjustments are used. Made to measure always fits better than ready-to-wear, since made-to-measure is altered to fit the specific dimensions of the clients. Americans infamously purchase ready to wear or off-the-rack products. Made to measure clothing can be hand sewn or stitched on machines. What separates it from ready-to-wear is the fact these garments follow your specific measurements. Ready to wear garments are designed according to a set of homogeneous sizes that are emblematic of average consumers. On the other hand, made-to-measure garments are exclusive and personalized in nature. The fabric’s quality might not be as top-notch when compared to bespoke suits, which is made on the request of a customer and doesn’t make use of pre-existing patterns, which differentiates it from made-to-measure. Bespoke suits are hand-sewn by connoisseur tailors and require several fittings before getting the perfect stitch.


Due to their time-consuming nature and a great deal of workmanship, bespoke suits are much more expensive in comparison to made-to-measure suits. The consumer has complete command over the bespoke process: features, fit, material, fabric, style and manufacturing of the garment. Due to the intensive labor that bespoke tailors put in crafting a custom tailored bespoke suit, it is exclusively formfitting in accordance with the physique of the customer and ensures high quality fabrics. The bottom-line is that a bespoke suit speaks volumes about a man’s personality, his lifestyle and his aura. This is clearly represented in the personalized patterns and cuts.


Bespoke tailors are masters in the art of creating unique patterns, paying attention to intricate stitching details, and follow a higher degree of customization. Bespoke tailoring is always the better choice because it will always be uniquely yours. The distinctive craftsmanship that is a pre-requisite for fashioning bespoke suits takes years of learning experience.

On the other hand, made-to-measure suits are pre-tailored and necessitate alterations. These suits fail to contest the superiority of a bespoke suit. Similarly, one of the downsides of ready-to-wear or “off-the-rack” is that it is mass-produced and lacks that exclusive touch. But with a bespoke suit, it is highly unlikely that one would ever encounter another individual adorning an identical piece of clothing.

Despite the fact that both fittings and measurements are involved in made-to-measure and bespoke clothing, the later requires individually cut patterns and fine detailing. Hand-tailoring and elevated craftsmanship is the benchmark of bespoke tailoring. The bespoke suits will be a timeless creation, long-lasting and treasured for a lifetime. Both made-to-measure and bespoke suits will be pricier when compared to a typical off-the-rack suit, since it requires the services of seasoned tailors.

With everything said and done, it is essential to determine your wardrobe needs before engaging the services of a high-class tailor, be it bespoke or made-to-measure. Image


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YASIR SAEED brings his exquisite offering of dapper, modernistic, and unique custom-made suits for formal wear this season. As an aficionado of fine menswear, we place high value on impeccable quality and handcrafted goods. Our tailored garments exude that vintage and classic aura, but with a contemporary made-to-measure fit. Our slick custom-made suits live up to their ‘cool’ demeanor and fit perfectly for all body types. With its niche in formal menswear and excellent taste, we understand timeless sartorial trends and make sure that you are dressed to shine!

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