The Three-Piece Suit Makes A Debonair Comeback.

A sharp and dapper three-piece suit is the signature of classic Old Hollywood icons like Clark Gable, Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart. Due to their popularity on the international fashion runways and men’s street wear; this savvy three-piece suit is making a roaring comeback. Under stated, sartorially superior, and fashionable!


Essentially a traditional three-piece suit includes a matching waistcoat or vest along with the suit. A three-piece suit is deemed a bold and adventurous choice in the territory of formal menswear. The waistcoat gives a suit more heft and hoist, which is perfect for winters. The fact that it keeps the shirt and tie in place gives a trimming as well slimming effect to the wearer. It all depends on a unified color palette, fabric selection and the fundamental cut.


Unlike the fussy and pedantic styles seen in the 1930s and the years later, the three-piece suit is much more minimal and succinct nowadays. Gurus for menswear fashion have also added light flourishes such as pocket squares, peak lapels and tie-bars for that dramatic ‘dressed-up’ feel. An elongated V-neck, that breaks between the sternum and the base of the rib cage, with precise finishing can do wonders in accentuating a slim waistline. Large waistcoats are discouraged, since they are unflattering on most people.


The welcoming revival of three-piece suits can be gauged from various fashion magazines spreads and cover shoots in the last few years that feature models donning this chic ensemble.  Three-piece suits have also been featured persistently in popular culture, particularly famous TV show characters such as Don Draper and Roger Sterling from ‘Mad Men’, Harvey Spector in ‘Suits’, Patrick Jane on ‘The Mentalist’, Barney Stinson in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and is a recurring favorite on period dramas such as Boardwalk Empire and Downton Abbey.

Image Image

Lastly some dos and don’t while adorning this debonair outfit: make sure that the tie is never hanging out under the waistband. Big no-no. In addition, never leave the waistcoat unbuttoned as it gives a shabby, unbecoming look. Also, don’t button the suit jacket as it will cover up the waistcoat and kills the purpose entirely. Last but not the least, pair your suit with formal footwear for that complete look.



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