Choosing The Right Color For Your Suits.

Choosing the appropriate color for your suit, for the right occasion can make all the difference in the world. The right color gives credibility to the overall appearance and attire. While the fit and the fabric are equally important, the color of the suit sets the right tone for your attire.


You can experiment with as many colors as you want, be it conservative or bold choices. A black, charcoal-gray, or navy blue one will always be a safe bet. Black suits are timelessly classic, formal and authoritative. However, they can also get a little boring and mundane, so it’s better to save them for evening wear, formal occasions or weddings.


A well-tailored charcoal gray suit is more sophisticated, tasteful and imparts practicality. Also, one can easily pair this choice with black or brown to add more character to your ensemble.


Navy Blue is deemed as the universal color of power and has gained popularity in the last few years for preferred suit colors. Although, it is still considered a tad bit on the casual side, navy-blue is perfect for meetings, presentations, dinners, etc. Similarly, earth tones are ideal for casual wear as they give a more down-to-earth and friendlier vibe.



For bolder choices, experiment with plaids and stripes. Plaids are relaxed, chic, attractive and impeccably brilliant for the younger lot. Stripes are courageous and unflinching choices; sets a fashion statement but remember not everyone has the flair to carry them.




A properly selected suit can do wonders for your wardrobe and can aptly create the desired feel that best suits your personality. Let the color speak for you. 



About yasirsaeeddesignstudio

YASIR SAEED brings his exquisite offering of dapper, modernistic, and unique custom-made suits for formal wear this season. As an aficionado of fine menswear, we place high value on impeccable quality and handcrafted goods. Our tailored garments exude that vintage and classic aura, but with a contemporary made-to-measure fit. Our slick custom-made suits live up to their ‘cool’ demeanor and fit perfectly for all body types. With its niche in formal menswear and excellent taste, we understand timeless sartorial trends and make sure that you are dressed to shine!

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