The Importance Of A Pocket Square!


A man is defined by what he wears. Weather you’re headed for work, a formal dinner, a night out or a wedding; being well-dressed is quintessentially critical for setting the right tone. The key to a good suit if knowing your measurements, color, style and assorted accessories that go with the whole ensemble.


Basically, a pocket square is a small piece of cloth that is generally worn as a fashion accessory in the front pocket of a blazer, jacket or suit coat. It resembles a small napkin or a handkerchief. In terms of menswear fashion, a pocket square serves as a purely cosmetic or aesthetic purpose. Chronologically speaking, it is believed that this idea originated in Greek, Egypt or England and was strictly for reasons related to personal hygiene. Later, they were deemed a symbol of respect, prestige, and wealth.


Pocket squares are a great addition. One can never go wrong with a plain white pocket square; it’s classy, understated and minimalist. However, to add extra flare and individuality, you can always match your pocket square to your tie. With certain outfit choices, it’s not necessary that your Pocket Square and tie have to match. But keep in mind: not to clash the two. Too many designs can appear distracting and be off-putting. Never do a tie and a pocket square with two different colors and two different patterns.



One would be hard-pressed to find a picture of the Duke of Windsor, Fred Astaire, or any well-dressed icon from the thirties in which some form of pocket square is not adorned. Back in the day, a casually furled pocket hank was the trademark for unique dressing and ultimate style. Similarly as men’s fashion changed, pocket squares fell out of favor for everyday use with many men sometime during the 60s. However, even during the period when some did not consider pocket squares “must haves”, they were still often used for occasions requiring more formal attire such as weddings, dinner parties, and black tie and white tie events.

Image Image

In today’s times, a pocket square has emerged as a fashion accessory for the archetypal ‘well-dressed’ man. The key is to keep it simple and neat, otherwise the final look can be quite unkempt. However, when done correctly pocket squares are a simple yet effective way to add a dash of color, panache and eccentricity to an outfit. It’s time that men rediscover the art of sporting a pocket square!


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