Colored Denim For Men: Yay Or Nay?


It’s hard to miss this season’s most prominent denim trend: colored jeans. Potent shades of red, green, navy blue, beige, yellow, is now showing up on jeans in fashionable design wear. This trend has been hitting the streets on men, as well as women, and getting the full glory treatment in the fall/winter collection from leading brands and designers.



Celebrities and fashion gurus to people from all walks of life have been spotted in colored denim several times recently. The apparel industry has been bombarded with this fashion fad as of late. Blue jeans may be the most famous and traditional denim choice for men, but keeping denim interesting and fun for the coming season means mixing it up with color. Whether it’s a statement red or an earthly tone, colored jeans are a definite worthwhile investment for your wardrobe.


The thing with bright denim is that they make your jeans the focal point of your outfit. Color blocking is no longer gender specific and confined to the fairer sex alone. Colors have traditionally presented greater challenges for men. However hues like reds, yellows, blues and greens – more muted shades – for men’s jeans eases guys into the trend.



The trick is to pick a color and a style that suits your body type. If you’re comprehensive about bold and bright shades, don’t be afraid to “toughen” up pastel colors. Perhaps the full gelato look is not for you, and you can wear pastels back with black, charcoal, grey or tan. Men have been adding color in different arenas of their wardrobe from socks to button-down shirts and now it’s time for pants.


Men aren’t buying into basics nowadays. It’s time for the consumer to look for something they don’t already have. Color is literally EVERYHWERE. It’s a case of pick a color, any color. 



About yasirsaeeddesignstudio

YASIR SAEED brings his exquisite offering of dapper, modernistic, and unique custom-made suits for formal wear this season. As an aficionado of fine menswear, we place high value on impeccable quality and handcrafted goods. Our tailored garments exude that vintage and classic aura, but with a contemporary made-to-measure fit. Our slick custom-made suits live up to their ‘cool’ demeanor and fit perfectly for all body types. With its niche in formal menswear and excellent taste, we understand timeless sartorial trends and make sure that you are dressed to shine!

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