The ‘Hoodie’ Factor.



Hoodies are the most essential outerwear for winter. When one can’t be bothered with chunky leather jackets and coats, hoodies serve as the perfect casual outerwear. Considered as the pinnacle of street-wear fashion, hoodies or hooded sweatshirts are the go-to winter staple for every guy. If you like playing it safe, hoodies in neutral colors such as black, grey or brown will complement your entire wardrobe.



In recent times, the humble sweatshirt has had a makeover. Nowadays, we have various options in luxurious jersey, sporting print motifs, contrast details, and statement hoodies. Not only do they provide warmth in all kinds of fall weather, but also serve as a great lounging piece because of its added factors of comfort and practicality.



When we think of hoodies now, we don’t just stick to grey fleece, XXL oversized sweatshirts or a college football banner across the front – this item has revolutionized to being stylish as opposed to sloppy. Just because you’re adorning them doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be three sizes too big! A slim fitted cotton/cashmere medium fit looks stretchy, simple and comfortable.


A heads-up though: make sure you wash your hoodie cold and hang dry. Or better yet, get them dry-cleaned to avoid fleece hoodies from shrinking. In addition, they provide the seamless mix between casual and formal. Wear a button up underneath, and you’re good to go!


With statement hoodies in the international market, you can create or design your own apparel. These can political statements, popular culture references, humorous one-liners, and funny pictures – basically anything that floats your boat can be used to create designs that define your essence through photos, text, graphics, color and much more. 




About yasirsaeeddesignstudio

YASIR SAEED brings his exquisite offering of dapper, modernistic, and unique custom-made suits for formal wear this season. As an aficionado of fine menswear, we place high value on impeccable quality and handcrafted goods. Our tailored garments exude that vintage and classic aura, but with a contemporary made-to-measure fit. Our slick custom-made suits live up to their ‘cool’ demeanor and fit perfectly for all body types. With its niche in formal menswear and excellent taste, we understand timeless sartorial trends and make sure that you are dressed to shine!

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