Street Fashion And Trend Style Guide.


Street Fashion is never easy to shoot. But it’s photo documentary adventures like these that keep the spirit of fashion alive – on the runway and off. Street fashion is all the rage amongst fashion bloggers and helps deciding trend forecasts for any upcoming collection, as far as the international fashion scene is concerned.


This week we’ve compiled a concise list of quirky and eccentric fashion choices, in their raw element. These ‘clicks’ are all about perfect timing and individual bravura. One comes across an array of dapper street gents, some fashionable; few rather courageous while others just downright odd. But one aspect never changes: people LOVE to experiment with their clothes and make a statement, whatever the nature is.

Take a look at some of these ‘interesting’ looks from across the globe:

  • Many of the same old goodies are still into play, however mixed with newer or reemerging trends that never get the boot. We love how men have innumerable layering options nowadays! Image
  • Mixing bold colors with neutral plaid or corduroy gives the perfect rugged vibe. Throwing a casual ‘man-bag’ with the suit, takes the simple look to a whole different level.


  • Combining formal wear with rolled-up cargo pants is something one witnesses a lot as far as street fashion is concerned. This constitutes as essential utilitarian gear. While some men are going for patterns, others opt for the opposite, such as suede or camel-skin shades.


  • Well-fitted coat topped with denim jeans is the perfect excuse for going back to basics. Paired with a happening hat and attention-grabbing footwear detail, this look is a clear winner.


  • Navy, red and white have always been a great color combination. We like how this lad has styled his look with navy such as the beanie, overcoat and trousers, which gives a whole new meaning to the attire. The blue oxford shirt, red V-neck sweater and white trainers introduce a much-needed pop of color!


  • Mixing prints requires immense confidence, taste and creativity. The plaid scarf, martini pocket-square, and stripes socks shout individuality. Despite the fact that there is a lot going on with this ensemble, surprisingly it all works. He has toned down the printed details with basics such as the grey double vent blazer, blue-cuffed jeans and suede boots.


  • Nothing better than a stylish father scrolling around the city! So much character in this picture and the color blocked, effortless outfit speaks volumes. One must add though, the ‘baby bib’ sticking out of the back pocket is probably the best touch of detail.



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